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Good news | Suqiao biology and Boji biology establish comprehensive strategic cooperation
2019-09-04 00:00:00

Suqiao Biology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Boji biomedical technology today jointly announced that the two sides have reached cooperation on CMC research and clinical sample production of Boji biology's self-developed bifunctional antibody new drug (Product Code: bj-005), and reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on the future drug pipeline.


Suzhou, October 11, 2019 / PR newswires / -- Suqiao Biology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suqiao biology"), a biological macromolecule cdmo company committed to the adoption of disruptive technologies and the fastest achievement of customers, and Boji biomedical technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Boji biology"), a cutting-edge biotechnology company committed to the research and development of innovative drugs, jointly announced today that, The two sides reached cooperation on CMC research and clinical sample production of the bifunctional antibody new drug (Product Code: bj-005) independently developed by Boji biology, and reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in the future drug pipeline. Suqiao biology will make full use of its advantages to accelerate the listing of bj-005 and provide strong support for Boji biology.


Boji biology and Suqiao biology signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement


According to the agreement between the two parties, Suqiao biology will provide innovative biopharmaceutical CMC research and clinical sample (stock solution and preparation) production services for bj-005 project of Boji biology, and meet the ind application requirements of bj-005 project in China nmpa and US FDA. In addition, Boji bio will strengthen cooperation with Suqiao bio in the future drug pipeline. Suqiao bio will continue to provide Boji bio with high-quality CMC technical services and reach comprehensive strategic cooperation.


Mr. jinxiaoyong, chairman of Boji biology, said: "At the beginning of the establishment of Boji bio, we set ambitious goals. So far, Chinese bio pharmaceutical companies have few original technologies. We hope that Boji bio can develop new target biological macromolecular drugs in the near future. This is a very complex system engineering and has very high risks. In order to enter this field, I have begun to prepare for the layout of the overall industrial chain, from human deep gene sequencing At the beginning of the large animal transgenic model business (for gene function verification), we hope to fundamentally find new targets and develop new large and small molecule drugs and gene therapy products around these new targets. These companies in the industrial chain are brothers and sisters of Boji. The company cluster in this ecological chain will produce quite ideal synergy, which is also the original intention of our cooperation with Suqiao biology, Suqiao biology helps us focus on the innovation and R & D field we are good at. We believe that the comprehensive cooperation between the two sides will open up a deep and win-win cooperation situation. "


Dr. zhanghaizhou, co-founder and CEO of Boji biology, said: "Suqiao bio came to the fore after we screened and investigated several cdmo companies at various levels. First of all, Boji and Suqiao have the same view on talents. We believe that talents are the first in everything. In recent years, Boji has attracted a large number of excellent overseas returnees and talents with more than 10 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. We also believe that Suqiao bio has the same commonality with Boji. Suqiao bio has a strong coverage CMC research and production team of the whole chain of biological macromolecules; Secondly, Boji bio does not develop me too products. We strive to make technological breakthroughs and local innovations on the basis of similar foreign products. Boji bio produces products with local innovation, so the CMC team that is qualified for these products also needs a considerable level of business. After systematic investigation, we chose Suqiao; Last but not least, as a pure cdmo company, Suqiao biology absolutely protects the intellectual property rights of its customers. Therefore, we believe that through this cooperation, we will accelerate the process of promoting and realizing the listing of bj-005 project, and hope to provide advanced and reliable treatment solutions for patients worldwide by virtue of the precision biological medical means independently developed by Boji biology. "


Dr. wangyongzhong, CEO of Suqiao biology, said: "We are very excited and honored to have the opportunity to provide CMC research and production services for emerging biomedical R & D companies such as Boji bio. Suqiao bio has a deep understanding of the core needs of a new innovative pharmaceutical research and development company such as Boji bio. With an excellent core team with practical experience in both China and the United States, mature technology integration capabilities, pure cdmo services, equipment and facilities of international mainstream brands, and an international first-class GMP quality system (through the German QP audit) to achieve another milestone of Boji biology as soon as possible on the basis of the quality of Sino US double reports. Suqiao biology has increasingly won the trust of young and innovative R & D institutions like Boji biology, which has enabled us to accumulate more and stronger soft power, devote ourselves to every project and serve every customer. "


About cosmopolitan biology

Boji biology is a biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of innovative drugs. It was founded by overseas experts with many years of experience in the research and development of innovative drugs at home and abroad, including experts in the major special review of national "major new drug creation" science and technology. It has an antibody discovery platform protected by trade secrets and top technologies at home and abroad. At present, it mainly researches and develops biological drugs for tumors and infectious diseases. The main scientific research and management team of the company has many years of experience in R & D and management of antibody drugs in domestic and foreign R & D companies and national key scientific research institutions, especially in European and American multinational companies. With a global view of R & D and based on strong capital support, Boji bio has made a global layout of R & D from a global perspective since its inception. At the same time, it has two R & D laboratories in San Francisco, USA and Hangzhou, China, which enable the company to achieve an all-round collection of talents, technology, management and capital markets at the initial stage of entrepreneurship, laying a solid foundation for the company's global positioning and development. Established only two years ago, it has become a cutting-edge biotechnology company in China. The world's first tumor targeted IL-15 fusion protein (product code bj-001) independently developed by the company and with a global patent was approved by the FDA 28 days after it was submitted to the FDA. It has been approved to carry out clinical trials in the United States. For more details, please

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About Suqiao biology

Suqiao Biology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which is committed to using disruptive technologies to achieve customers as soon as possible, was established in 2017 and is located in Suzhou biomedical industrial park, covering an area of 10500 square meters. In just two years, with a total financing of more than 600million yuan, it is a pure biological macromolecule cdmo company with rapid development in China. Most of the core team members of the company come from the world's top Biopharmaceutical Enterprises and have experience in biopharmaceutical development and Sino US double reporting. Suqiao bio is designed according to the international first-class standards and meets the GMP standards at home and abroad. It has become one of the few pure cdmo companies in China that have passed the German QP audit. It adopts mainstream equipment of top brands in the biomedical industry at home and abroad, and the equipment is compatible with a variety of production process platforms. Suqiao biology can provide the whole process integrated service of CMC research and production. From DNA sequence to finished biological drugs, from process development to large-scale production; From drug detection to quality assurance; The leading project management process, excellent drug registration service and strict customer intellectual property protection system have always run through the overall operation of Suqiao bio, ensuring to provide customers with the highest quality biopharmaceutical contract development and production services. For more details, please

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