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Our Innovative R&D Pipeline

A rich portfolio with a focus on oncology and targeting diseases by different mechanisms and modalities to mitigate development risk. 

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Project Introduction

  •  BJ-001: First Tumor-Targeted IL-15 Globally

  • IL-15 is essential for NK cell and CD8+ T cell development and function

  • IL-15 has the potential to be used as an immunotherapeutic agent for the treatment of cancer by stimulating tumor-killer immune cells such as NK and CD8 + T cells

  • It is on top of the US NCI’s ranking of 20 immunotherapeutic drugs with supreme potential for broad application in cancer patients

  • Can also be used in the field of infectious diseases and vaccines

  • BJ-001’s phase I clinical trial began in December 2019 in the United States

  • BJ-001 has achieved a higher clinical dose than competitors, good safety and tolerability, pharmacological action is in line with expectations, and initial clinical efficacy has been observed.  The combination with various anticancer mechanisms is promising

  • BJ-001 was granted orphan drug status for cholangiocarcinoma by FDA in 2021

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  • Accumulation in Target Expression Tumor

  • Accumulation in tumor may increase efficacy and reduce systemic toxicity

  • Local action of IL-15 in tumor microenvironment has the potential to convert “cold tumor” to “hot tumor”

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