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  • Senior biology scientist
  • Protein Biology Research Assistant
  • Research Director
  • Senior biology scientist
  • Antibody Research Director
  • Head of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Molecular biology laboratory
  • Antibody analysis scientist
  • Molecular biology laboratory assistant
  • Molecular biology laboratory assistant
  • Biology experimenter

Job Title: Senior Scientist in Biology

Education requirements: PhD degree

Number of people: 2

Gender: male or female

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for guiding and arranging research assistant cell function experiments to clearly, completely and accurately record the experimental process, data and results;
2. Responsible for cell culture, with experience in immune cell function analysis;
3. Familiar with protein expression and purification, and experience in antibody development;
4. Report the progress of the work to the project manager, communicate the problems in the work in a timely manner, propose improvement suggestions, and participate in the improvement work;

Job requirements:

1. Ph.D. degree; life science related majors (including laboratory experience) in cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, etc.;
2. Separation, culture, and functional analysis of skilled cells;
3. Proficiency in cell biology knowledge and experimental skills, familiar with cell bioassay technology;
4. Have a solid theoretical foundation; clear thinking and certain pioneering and innovative capabilities;
5. Ability to independently design and conduct related research projects,
6. Proficiency in common office software and related professional software;
7. Have strong English literature review ability;
8. Be proactive and have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Salary and benefits:

1. A competitive salary system, including year-end bonuses and equity incentives;
2. Exchange of job opportunities between Chinese and American laboratories;
3. Annual physical examination;
4. Post promotion;
5. Free working meals;
6. Internal and external training opportunities;
7, five insurance and one gold;
8. Paid annual leave

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The company has developed a number of drugs with independent intellectual property rights. With the development of R&D business, we need the following talents to join us, grow together with the company, and make our own contribution to the development of human health.

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