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Talent values

Enthusiasm: Positive attitude towards life

Responsibility:  An important indicator of quality

Integrity: The basic principle of doing things

Innovation:Breaking through the conventional creative thinking

Efficiency:Result-oriented culture

Cooperation:The success of team cohesion

Talent development

BJ Bioscience encourages career development of its employees together with the development of the company. It values each of its individual employees as unique and independent talent. Adequate and customized training is provided to help the career development of each employee.

Company culture

Talent is the most valuable asset of the company

We have a group of happy healthy and passionate talents with integrity
We have created an open transparent mutual respective and collaborative working environment
We have innovative R&D projects and efficient management system
We value potential more than experience

BJ Bioscience is committed to become:

One of the most innovative biotechnology companies which are most attractive to talents in pharmaceutical R&D

Compensation and benefits

BJ Bioscience provides a competitive compensation and benefits package including but not limited to medical insurance, bonus, lunch allowance, and stock option

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